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27 Sep

Dumb Money

The new blockbuster film, "Dumb Money" gives us the inside scoop at how investors helped the prices of short-term "meme stocks" skyrocket. Should long-term investors buy into the “get rich quick” hysteria? It's not everyday, a short squeeze stock becomes the...

16 May


May 5, 2023 Few people think about Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) until they have to. Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Requirements Generally, RMDs are the minimum amount of money that a person must withdraw from a retirement account each year when...

7 Apr

Interest Rates and Your Portfolio

April 6, 2023 Everyone has an opinion on what the Federal Reserve should do with interest rates during their next meeting in May. Analysts and economists are dissecting every word said by Fed officials trying to get a head start...

10 Mar

The Randomness of the Markets Explained

March 10, 2023 Last month we looked at the different sectors of the US stock market and could see the variability of returns of each sector from month-to-month and over the longer term, from one year to the next. This...

7 Mar

How Much is Enough to Retire

March 6, 2023 A recent Bloomberg article, “How Much Do Investors Say They Need to Retire? At Least $3 Million”, noted that roughly two-thirds of investors they polled wanted between $3 million and $5 million as a nest egg before...

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