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22 Nov

My Financial Planning Story. 11/22/19

In November of 2012, the airline I worked for declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and as many other companies have done previously, the employees were not spared in the process. The last blog post on the Prato Capital website described financial...

15 Nov

Why Have A Financial Plan 11/15/19

Why Have a Financial Plan? Many have fears and doubts about their financial future. Doubts of saving, “Have I done enough?”. Fear of spending in retirement, “Will I run out of money?”. There seems to be a perception that a...

16 Oct

Downturn or Recession? What is the impact to your Financial Plan? – 10/16/19

The financial media outlets have renewed talk about possible recessions, both globally and here in the United States. Our last two blog posts discuss some of the positives and negatives about the US economy and where we may be heading,...

3 Oct

Mixed Economic Signals 10/3/19

There are some mixed economic signals showing up in our economy. Some of the data coming out the last few months has been very good and some not so much. First the good news – Consumer spending continues to show...

26 Sep

China’s Economy turns Stormy 9/26/19

The United States has increased tariffs on certain Chinese imports and China retaliated by raising tariffs on some US imports. Global economic growth remains subdued in 2019 and is expected to slow down to 2.6% for 2019. Some of this...

"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge."

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