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15 Aug

Clear Thoughts on an Unclear Market 8/15/19

Good Afternoon,         Summer is coming to an end and the swings in the stock market this week will confuse those that are not willing to trust history as a guide and are vulnerable to noisy media.      ...

15 Aug

Was today an Overreaction? 8/5/19

  Good Afternoon, Hope you had a great weekend!A short note today, since we saw some reactions or overreactions in the stock markets to the latest news of the ongoing trade dispute with China. Although today was difficult to watch...

14 May

Note from Prato 5/14/19

Hello Friend , We hope this note finds you well.  On a very “busy” day in the markets we wanted to pass on a quick, “what are we thinking” note. Our apologies in advance for the impersonal nature of his letter but...

"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge."

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