Good Afternoon,

Hope you had a great weekend!A short note today, since we saw some reactions or overreactions in the stock markets to the latest news of the ongoing trade dispute with China.

Although today was difficult to watch on the national news outlets, we believe the economy is still healthy. We have discussed some of the latest news on the economy on our social media posts recently. We have also discussed the need to ‘Tune out the noise’ of the media that will relentlessly push news meant to trigger emotions and tension to keep you tuned in.

It appears that volatility has come back into the stock markets but the Dow Jones Industrial Average is still up almost 10% this year.

Our recommendations for today are the same as they were yesterday and every day before that: Stick with your Financial Life Plan that accounts for stock market gains and declines. Talk to us at Prato Capital with any concerns you may have.

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Thanks for keeping up and taking this journey with us.

Have a wonderful day!

Best Wishes,
Gregory, Gabriella, Brian. Chris and Samer

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