Most of you know Prato Capital Team Member and Director of Financial Planning, Brian O’Rourke. Many of you might not know that his son, Xavier, is participating (for his third year!) to raise money to conquer childhood cancers by shaving his head for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation on March 14th, 2020.

Brian was asked to comment on his son’s fundraising campaign:

“Obviously, as his dad, I’m super proud of Xavier’s efforts. I think it’s pretty bold and brave for a 12 year old middle school boy to do something like this by completely altering his look and potentially opening himself up to ridicule from other middle schoolers, and the like, who don’t understand the significance of Xavier’s action. But I can confidently share that it doesn’t bother Xavier as he fully understands the importance of his actions, knowing it’s not about him rather it’s about all the kids who don’t have a choice about having hair as they fight for their lives.

For me personally, besides being a proud father, this is a near and dear cause as I lost one of my best friends to leukemia during my senior year of HS. My friend was diagnosed in our 5th grade school year and he battled cancer for 8 years, going in and out of remission until it took him in 1994. He was 17 years old just about to turn 18.

Xavier’s only concern is that the baseball hat he wears for his 12U travel team might not fit as well after he shaves his head, but he says it’s really not a big deal, all things considered.

Xavier is very thankful for all the kind and generous support he’s received so far and encourages everyone who might see this to click on his fundraising link to learn more about his campaign and the foundation he is supporting.”