The financial media outlets making predictions for which stocks will outperform in the New Year. Your neighbor offering a hot tip that will be the “next Google”.

These 2 scenarios often come with very similar results.

These scenarios start with using your money (not the person making the prediction) and end with returns that consistently lag the overall stock market.

This is the noise of the media. Their goal is to keep you watching and reading. The bigger the audience, the more revenue from advertising and subscription fees. The best interest of investors takes a back seat to profits with these organizations. Our June newsletter discusses this subject in greater detail: June 2019 Newsletter

There is a better way to build wealth. It starts with a financial plan, or as we call it at Prato Capital a “Financial Life Plan.” that includes a globally diversified portfolio. At Prato Capital Management, we help our clients tune out the noise and focus on their future.

Contact us by clicking if you are looking for a better way and want to tune out the noise.

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